Bands, logo's, teaching and original music links

I have several links listed here for your convenience if you would like to purchase, or listen to my original music with Radio Earth. If you would like to take music lessons from me, I teach 'exclusively' at: Scranton Music Academy on Keyser Ave. in Scranton, PA. Wed addy:

~Music is love in search of a word~

Christopher Capozza (The Third Nut)


My original band: 

One of the online stores you can buy my music at is: CDBaby

You can now purchase the brand new Radio Earth release 'The Eyes Of A Natural Wonder' for only $10.00 plus shipping by emailing me at: for physical address information to send your check or money order.



My cover band:



If you would like to take lessons on guitar, bass or vocals, call: 484-695-6975



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