Gray Matter/ Particles still grows on me after 15 listens! Reviewer: Mike Bendixen/RevalationZ magazine/ Denmark Last year's Radio Earth album 'No Signal' was among my favorite albums of that year. The follow up 'Gray Matter'/' Particles' is now finished. The duo of Chris Capozza and Bill Kortvely have done it again and made another excellent album. 'Gray Matter'/ 'Particles' is a bit different from 'No Signal'. Radio Earth still play guitar based Rock, but this time they have taken a more modern approach by including electronic sounds. The modern sound contributes to the special atmosphere that characterizes the whole album. A song like My Lucky Day is actually improved with the drum programming adding an extra dimension. The album highlight is the up-tempo song Love and Hate with a moody driven guitar. However, the album is diversified with plenty of great tracks worth mentioning like Eye To Eye with its neat guitar riff and a great chorus. The album has some very melodic songs like Surrendering with excellent vocals by Capozza and a sing-along chorus. Forever Near is another melodic track with a certain emotion to it. Album closer 'Om' might as well be the soundtrack for the next Mission Impossible film. Capozza joins in on this Keyboard oriented track and finish off the track with a cool guitar solo. 'Gray Matter'/ 'Particles' also includes a remake of Enuff Z'nuffs My Heroin. Compared to the original version, this version is electric and much more Rocky. Radio Earth have succeeded in adding their own personal touch on the track. The Radio Earth interpretation is groovy and they have done the impossible and made a version that's matching Enuff Z'nuff own version. It is hard to categorize Radio Earth since they have created their own niche style. I would describe their music as melodic Rock with lots of atmosphere. This is especially caused by the great production, which has provided the album with a certain emotion. The thick guitar sound and the electronic sounds mainly produce the special atmosphere. It takes a little time adapting to Radio Earth's style, but then the listener is rewarded. I don't know when the album blossoms into its full potential, because 'Gray Matter'/'Particles' still grows on me after around 15 listens. The song Meant To Be characterizes my relationship with Radio Earth. Now they have released 2 great albums that both satisfy my exclusive taste in music. ...And two out of two ain't bad. Rating: 8/10 Michael - 8/26/2008
The discerning ear will love it! Reviewer: Stoney Records PR department/ Chicago I've had it for a while now, and every song continues to grow on me as I listen over and over. I have to say that this music is not for the superficial, light-hearted listener... it has *depth* and many layers to it. The discerning ear will LOVE it though... Everybody, do yourselves a favor and give your ears over to a great fresh mix of progressive, intelligent, inspired (as well as inspiring!) music. Listen to the tracks available on audio, and take my word that the remaining 6 are comparable in quality and quantity to the first 5!

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