(2017) schedule for The Third Nut...

December 31st- Big Boulder- (4 to 8)

January 7th- Augustine's Club 17

January 14th- Frosty Toboggan @ Jack Frost- (2 to 6)

February 5th-Elk Mountain (2 to 6)

February 11th- Elk Mountain (2 to 6)

February 12th- Frosty Toboggan @ Jack Frost- (1 to 5)

February 18th- Augustine's Club 17

February 19th- Big Boulder- (4:30 to 8:30)

February 25th- Waldo's Tavern

March 4th- McGrath's

March 10th- Slingshots (6 to 10)

March 11th- Parade Day @ O'Leary's (2 to 6)

March 17th- Roseanna's in Peckville (Party) 

March 18th- Elk Mountain 

March 18th- Augustine's Club 17

March 31st- Benny's in Peckville

April 7th- Slingshots (6 to 10)

April 14th- Waldo's 

April 21st- Minooka Pub (8:30 to 12:30

April 23rd-The Outpost (3:30 start to 7:30)

May 6th- Brew House (8:00 to 12:00)

May 13th- Benny's 

May 19th- Augustine's Club 17

May 20th- Litzy's Lounge

June 2nd- Slingshots (6 to 10)

June 3rd- McGrath's

June 4th- Scranton Music Academy- Spring Recitals

June 17th- Brew House

June 30th- Waldo's

July 1st- O'Leary's w/ Jerry's Fish Bones

July  4th- The Outpost @ Lake Silkworth

July 14th- Ernie G's (8 to 11)

July 15th- Benny's

July 22nd- Augustine's

July 29th- Free fall Reunion

August 4th- Brew House- (8 to 12)

August 5th- Keen's Lake Campground

August 12th- Class Reunion Party

August 19th- McGrath's

August 25th- Waldo's

August 26th- Kellyfest @ Mount Cobb

September 2nd- Spotted Dog Biker Party (Wyalusing)

September 9th- Boulder View (6 to 10)

September 10t- The Outpost (5 to 9)

September 15th- JJ Bridjes

Septrmber 22nd- Slingshots (6 to 10) 

September 23rd- Benny's

September 29th- Augustine's

October 8th- KOA Campground East Stroudsburg (Halloween Party)

October 14th- Benny's

October 20th- Brew House (8 to 11)

October 21st- Waldo's

October 27th-Boulder View (6 to 10)

October 28th- The Wine Cellar (Halloween Party)

November 3rd- Slingshots (6 to 10)

November 10th- Grotto Pizza/ Wilkes Barre (6 to 9)

November 17th- Brew House (8 to 11)

November 24th- Augustine's

November 25th- Benny's

December 2nd- The Outpost @ Lake Silkworth (8 to 12)

December 22nd-Boulderview (6 to 10)

December 23rd- Brew House (8 to 11)

December 29th- Augustine's

December 30th- Waldo's

January 6th- The Brew House (8 to 11)

January 12th- Augustine's

January 20t- Slingshots (8 to 12)

January 26th- Ernie G's (8 to 11)

January 27th- Boulderview (7 to 11)

March 2nd- Grotto Pizza/ Edwardsville 8 to 11)

March 9th- Slingshots (6 to 10)

March 23rd- Ernie G's (8 to 11)

Match 30th- Boulderview (6 to 10)

June 30th- Boulderview (7 to 11)

July 1st- Keen's Lake (8 to 10:30)

July 28th- Keen's Lake (8 to 10:30)

August 4th- KOA Campground East Stroudsburg (7:30 to 10:30)

August 18th- KOA Campground East Stroudsburg (7:30 to 10:30)






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